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CryoLetters is a bimonthly international journal for low temperature sciences, including cryobiology, cryopreservation or vitrification of cells and tissues, chemical and physical aspects of freezing and drying, and studies involving ecology of cold environments, and cold adaptation

The journal publishes original research reports, authoritative reviews, technical developments and commissioned book reviews of studies of the effects produced by low temperatures on a wide variety of scientific and technical processes, or those involving low temperature techniques in the investigation of physical, chemical, biological and ecological problems.

Abstracts Volume 37 No 5 is now available



Volume 37, No. 5 September/October 2016

ISSN 0143-2044



Characterization of normal and freeze-thawed tissues in vitro through the ultrasonic integrated backscatter
Lei Sheng, Pengfei Yang, Zhizhu He, Gubing Wang,
Jianwen Luo and Jing Liu




Optimization of water content for the cryopreservation of Allium sativum in vitro cultures by encapsulation-dehydration
Paul T Lynch, Graham R Souch, Jiří Zámečník and Keith Harding




The potato cryobank at the international potato center (CIP): a model for long term conservation of clonal plant genetic resources collections of the future
R. Vollmer, R. Villagaray, V. Egúsquiza, J. Espirilla,
M. García, A. Torres, E. Rojas, A. Panta, N. A. Barkley
and D. Ellis




Optimization of artificial propagation in piracanjuba fish Brycon orbignyanus using cryopreserved semen
Viviane de Oliveira Felizardo, Carlos Cicinato Vieira Melo,
Luis David Solis Murgas, Estefânia de Souza Andrade,
Rodrigo Diana Navarro and Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de Freitas




Dehydration preparation of mouse sperm for vitrification and rapid laser warming
Estefania Paredes and Peter Mazur




A novel adjuvant-solution layer strategy for improving the efficacy of cryosurgery
K.K. Ramajayam, A.Kumar, S.K. Sarangi and A.Thirugnanam




Impairment of barrier properties of erythrocyte membranes caused by low temperatures is a result of disorganization of hemoglobin supramolecular structure
Gulevskyy А. К., Repin N.V. and Schenyavsky I.I.




Appropriate osmotic balance duration for different volumes of ovarian tissue in vitrification solution: a study of ovary tissue vitrification and transplantation in sheep
Dang Ling, Zheng Xiaomin, Chang Qing,Yang Yanzhou,
Wang Yansheng, Cai Yufang, Hei Changchun, Wang Hongyan,
Zhao Chengjun, Zhu Wanping and Wang Yanrong





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CryoLetters Logo

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